Hoof Trimmer / Farrier in North Carolina

Rebecca Wyatt, PBHT III

(336) 391-6605 (email or text preferred)

Hoof Boots & Glue-On Shoes

Nature's Path is an official dealer and professional fitter for Easycare shoes and boots, Renegade and Viper hoof boots. Boots play an integral role in the lifestyle of many barefoot and endurance/long-distance horses. Hoof boots come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and should be custom-fitted to your horse.

What they say...

"He literally went from a young trotting Tennesse Walker to a nice stepping pace. Incredible! I am anxious to work with him now to bring it into a nice 4 beat gait."

"In the four years we've had Micah, we've never seen his feet look this good. Micah is turning better and even I can tell he's moving much more comfortably than before."

"Rebecca is an artisan with the horse's hoof...she sees balance, symmetry, and looks at the whole horse in movement."


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Balanced Hoof Care for Performance & Rehabilitation

Specializing in FOUNDER and LAMENESS Recovery


A balanced trim can mean the difference between “acceptable” and EXCEPTIONAL for your horse!

The most effective method of healing and maintaining healthy hooves involves working with—and influencing—the balance of the body and the hooves' natural growth. New growth follows old growth. Hoof shape, environmental diversity, and movement all influence hoof growth and function. Balanced hooves not only help balance a horse's body, but absorb shock, dissipate concussion, provide traction, and circulate blood—all important factors for healthy growth.

Problems in the hooves often manifest as issues with the body (and vice-versa). Well-balanced hooves, as well as a holistic approach to equine husbandry, can prevent—and often correct—these issues.

Founder, laminitis, navicular, “mystery” lameness, and other pathological cases are welcome. Current x-rays (lateral and DP views) are recommended in these cases.

Service Areas

I am currently working out of Winston-Salem, NC. Most of my clients are located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Generally, if expenses are covered, I will consider traveling to your location. Services and fees can be found here.

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Please contact me with any questions and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can. Email consultations are also available.

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