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Rebecca Wyatt, PBHT III

(336) 391-6605 (email or text preferred)

Hoof Boots & Glue-On Shoes

Nature's Path is an official dealer and professional fitter for Easycare shoes and boots, Renegade and Viper hoof boots. Boots play an integral role in the lifestyle of many barefoot and endurance/long-distance horses. Hoof boots come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and should be custom-fitted to your horse.

What they say...

"He literally went from a young trotting Tennesse Walker to a nice stepping pace. Incredible! I am anxious to work with him now to bring it into a nice 4 beat gait."

"In the four years we've had Micah, we've never seen his feet look this good. Micah is turning better and even I can tell he's moving much more comfortably than before."

"Rebecca is an artisan with the horse's hoof...she sees balance, symmetry, and looks at the whole horse in movement."


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About Nature's Path Hoof Care / Rebecca Wyatt

Barefoot trimmer North CarolinaQualifications


My passions include helping horses heal, training, and the pursuit of equine knowledge. I learn whenever possible, from every possible source. Sometimes, I have to dig deep for that tidbit of knowledge, but it's always been beneficial to practice this philosophy. I enjoy working with veterinarians and other farriers. There is no single solution for any hoof-related problem, and open-mindedness is the key to success. Every horse is unique. Therefore, every equine requires a personalized approach.

I attend the Davie County Large Animal Hospital's monthly farrier meetings, which include case studies and discussion for farriers, trimmers, and veterinarians.

My clients include horses that are recovering (and have recovered) from founder, navicular syndrome, navicular disease, seedy toe, white line disease, “mystery” lameness, and imbalances resulting from poor trimming and/or shoeing practices as well as imbalances of the body. I also take a special interest in donkeys, mules, and gaited horses, including breeds such as Tennessee Walking Horses, Paso Finos, Foxtrotters, and more. Bring me your most puzzling cases, and I will do my best to help you find a solution.

I enjoy getting to know a variety of equines - personality, wisdom, and sense of humor. Well-mannered draft horses are welcome.

Service Area

Most of my clients are located in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. Generally, if expenses are covered ($1.50/mile one-way from 27103, as well as overnight accomodations when necessary), I will consider traveling to your location.


Please contact me with any questions and I'll be happy to help you in any way I can. Email consultations are also available.

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